Director's Message


Message from Director - CEOSFPL


SKILLING INDIA is the current and most vibrant slogan of our nation, where the Prime Minister is visualizing a competent India in line with the skills of China as China has the edge over others because of the growing skilled manpower population of their nation.


We at CEOSFPL are committed to this Nation Building movement through Skilling India.
One of our major focus areas is Employment related Vocational Education through Industry – Institute partnerships to conquer the Unemployability problems of the nation.

We aim at creating a Vocational University through Community College Model which will be the parallel Educational movement and model to the existing Academic model in India.
Community college model is the most effective system in USA today where more and more people from rural areas are reached and made to get benefitted through meaningful employment relevant to Education.
Hence we have tied up with like minded organizations, certifying bodies including Universities and identified suitable courses that can be conducted leading to Employment in the neighbourhoods in the areas of the skills acquired by the beneficiaries.
One such Course is B Voc – Bachelor of Vocational Eduation,  floated by the Union Ministry OF HRD in alignment with UGC and AICTE for career advancement of people by studing while working itself under the LEARN WHILE YOU EARN (LWE) SCHEME . We believe on Native Intelligence and plan to pitch all our programs by capitalizing this native inherent capacity of individuals.
We are on the  look out for many more likeminded organizations (both Government - NGO  and private ) for collaborations  and co-working to scale up this movement across the Country. Our Voyage through CEOSFPL is a continuous journey of self exploration cum improvements  to make each of our actions useful to the community in the field of skill acquirment enroute Job attainment.





CEOSFPL is a Learning Organization and we have developed and installed systems, mechanisms and processes that are used to continually enhance the capabilities of our organization. Our aim is to think Global, Think WIN-WIN with high flexibility and quick response, Think Value, Think Innovation, Think Connect, Think Growth and think future to elevate us from mediocrity to sustained excellence.
In this Globalized business world when Skill building has gained significant role in accomplishing the progress and proseprity of the Country, We take  great responsbility on our shoulders to create platforms, level playing fields for all, by aiming to  design, develop and deliver skill based programs focused at Employment – Career advancement,  thus bridging the Gap between Education and Employment.
C Eashwermurthy