• Learn and Earn programs are start­ing to gain momentum across the country, at­tracting the attention of progressive employers and change-amenable post-secondary institu­tions to work harder and more collaboratively to help low-income students access to quality education in formal school/college while at the same time giving them the means to earn enough money to sustain a decent living. From life skill and livelihood skill they learn to cope with day-to-day challenges.

  • Learn While Earn (LWE) Model, also known as Work Integrated Program (WIP), is designed to provide the platform where there is a win-win situation for all the stakeholders involved in it. LWE program is aimed to reduce the Skill gap between the Industry and Institute which is very high and GOI has also given weight on such initiatives to be taken by Industry & Institutes for betterment of the country.

  • Since the end-user of the Human Resource   generated through Vocational Training System in India is mostly “Industry”, they should have freedom to decide on the content and the duration of the program based on their specific needs. This arrangement will give better result in terms of man-power generation and relevance to the needs of the Industry. Such an arrangement can be created in addition to the existing highly controlled situation in LWE program. Hence customization and dual training systems are recommended than the mindless robotics functionalities rolled out from the vocational training centers in the country.

  • Due to globalization and the need for specially trained workforce based on the type of Industry, additional space is needed for the Private Sector in particular and the Industries in general to play a constructive role in Learn while Earn model. And such an arrangement should have easy recognition from Government agencies for the purpose of higher education and employment migration.

  • A total new framework has been designed by the Government of India and some State Governments to boost LWE initiative among the Industry and Institute to bridge the gap very easily and in mutually beneficial to Industry and Institute.

  • Under the new framework the customized modules are designed in which the Industry works and thus skill gap is reduced and Industry Standards are met with skilled workforce who will enhances efficiency, effectiveness, reliability and most important profitability.

    The main advantages of the LWE Model is as follow :
  • Earning while learning
  • Building skilled Entry Level (customized)
  • Livelihood opportunity for economically unaffordable students
  • Socially and psychologically satisfying
  • Mutually beneficial association for all stakeholders
  • Industry-Institute partnership for continuous skill building
  • Future Entry Level groomed with positive outlook
  • Creates platform for building World Class Manufacturing practices
  • Most convenient for progressive organizations

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