Objective of LWE


  • To address the triple bottom line – that benefits the society, citizenry and the business. It is a socio technical model that addresses both business necessity of Industry and economic necessity of Individual

  • To addresse Productiveness for Individual and Protectiveness for Industry and Pro-activeness by stake holders.

  • LWE is aimed to be bench leading and not bench marking Corporate Social Investment model that would bridge the gap between academia, industry and meaningful career oriented employability for youth.

  • To build the depth of skill and breadth for first level leadership resulting in elimination of blue collar and white collar mind-sets and seeding aspirations and career collaring.

  • Goal of LWE model is to create talent pipeline on a continuous basis and address the short fall of skill and leadership that the global outlook is demanding these days.

  • LWE is to drive Passion and not fashion and therefore every stake holder looks at Winnovation.

  • LWE objective is to also sensitize the participants on Social Citizenry, Community inclusiveness etc.